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Phyllis L-Miata
FOUNDER,  Educator,  Author,  speaker,   Strategist
In 2016 , I was given my Spiritual Name, 'L'
On April 30, 2017, Spirit reminded me of my Universe name, Miata.
I acknowledge and understand my ascension.
The Infinite Man:
on Enlightenment

Saturday, Nov. 18, 2017
1 pm - 3 pm
College Park Library
3647 Main St.
College Park, GA 30337


Phyllis Austin's

Household DNA Pyramid

7 Principles of the Pyramid
Faith grows through listening to God and seeing the results.
In the summer of 2016, I was asked, "who do you work for?"
The answer I gave was not of me but of the I AM within.
I never have given or thought about the answer I gave.
Who do you work for, I was asked.
I stated with authority the answer,
"I work for the KINGDOM."

It was the most beautiful ah-ha moment in my world.
I knew it came from the Supreme Being.

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