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 "Thank you God for creating me"  


Phyllis has a passion for excellence in education.  She has been in the education field for over 20 years.

Phyllis grew up in Chicago, Illinois where she graduated from Lindblom Technical High School. She earned her B.S. degree from Howard University in 1986. After graduating from Howard University, she worked for several companies as a Microbiologist and Chemist. Out of a need for Science teachers, she began teaching in Chicago Public Schools.

In 1993, Phyllis relocated to Georgia outside of Atlanta. In Georgia, Phyllis taught science in the Dekalb County School System and Atlanta Public Schools. In 1998, Phyllis earned her M.Ed. from Georgia State University. She earned her Administrative endorsement in 2002 from the State University of West Georgia.

In 2001, Ms. Austin founded In My Shoes, Inc - The National Parent Education Center, a non-profit community educational organization that serves, supports, and educates parents on education. Phyllis Austin’s organization helps parents and students to resolve educational concerns and to achieve success.

In 2003, she authored Daily Affirmations for the Students.  Later that year, Phyllis was asked to serve as an administrator for an Atlanta Area Alternative School. She recalls it as an eye-opening experience, realizing the epidemic of a lack of quality parenting skills, values, morals, wisdom, and knowledge, which causes the hindrance of children from succeeding in school and in life. As she states, “…this constant and consistent behavior had me asking GOD, ‘How do you want me to help these children?’ God would answer, ‘Love and see only love.’ ”

In 2004, under Spiritual guidance, the writing of Phyllis' first book began, 'Parents, the Power Behind Your Child’s Success.’ It is the only book that teaches parents how to nurture and develop the wholeness of their child through education, spiritual guidance, and involved parenting. As one review states, ‘Finally, a person who dares to put education and spiritual guidance in the same book.’  The first and last chapters, Alpha and Omega, are about LOVE.

In January 2007, Phyllis founded Parents the Power, LLC. The objective of the organization is to show parents how to put into action effective parenting skills. The goal of Parents the Power, LLC., is to decrease conflict in the home and create peace and an environment in the home that allows children to thrive and parents to prosper in their relationships with their children.

In 2008, she wrote ‘From Parent to POWER', which replaces the book Parents, the Power behind Your Child’s Success.

In August 2011,'God has not forgotten You' was released. Phyllis states, "Here’s something you need to know. I decided to write this book as a manual for my children. It was during my children’s teenage and young adult years, I found myself repeating, reemphasizing and readdressing lessons over and over again. Asking, “Don’t they get it? Why would they want to learn it the hard way, through personal suffering, the school of hard knocks?” At that moment, I said, “I am going to just write a book, hand it to them and tell them to refer to the lesson(s).”  However, it was only after a meeting with a teenager telling me her story about not being acknowledged by her Earthly father did Spirit give me the task to write God's book.

In 2013, Spirit revealed the Seven Spiritual Principles of Parenting and their presentation in the Household DNA Pyramid to Phyllis.

Phyllis' latest book 'Permission To Be Great' , which includes Household DNA, was released in  April 2017.  As Phyllis states, "The process of writing this book took me to an amazing elevated level of Spiritual submissiveness and openness, where I was so entranced in a cocoon of enlightenment and wisdom transforming me to Greatness and ascending my soul. Choosing to listen to Spirit has transformed my life into a peace and purpose of amazing Greatness. Adhering to the power within to transform our life is a humbling experience."

Phyllis has two children.



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