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RISE and Live in your Greatness!

Permission To Be Great
 ISBN: 9780975991749

Permission To Be Great
Permission To Be Great is about living and helping one to live in their Divine Spiritual Consciousness (5th Dimension of thought, the higher intellect of who they are, their higher self).  Helping them to live in their Greatness...
Permission To Be Great

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God Has Not Forgotten You
ISBN: 9780975991732

God Has Not Forgotten You
God Has Not Forgotten You is about your life having purpose and the power you have to create your reality.  Stop looking for something to fill the void. When there existed a void in the world, God created the heavens and the earth, and He created you. 

God knew you before you were born. Your life is precious regardless of the appearances of turmoil, abandonment, trials, tribulation, etc. You are here for a reason, a purpose.

Therefore, in times of discomfort, know that you were made in the image and likeness of God. Know that God has blessed you.
God Has Not Forgotten You:
Showing you how to Create your Reality
 Know that God, our God, your God, has not forgotten you. :)

God Has Not Forgotten You

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God Has Not Forgotten You - Workbook
Go and Create your Destiny!
God Has Not Forgotten You


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God Has Not Forgotten You

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From Parent to Power
ISBN: 9780975991756


From Parent to Power
From Parent to Power is a guide that 1) educates parents on education and 2) helps parents to parent from Spirit. It's a transformative book moving parents out of the Human enablers of fear and chaos, in which many parents live, to Spiritual power, which is creative energy.
From Parent to Power:
Unlocking Your Child’s Full Potential
Cultivating Your Child’s Uniqueness
Helping Your Child Succeed in School
Parents, you are the Power behind your Child's Success!
Please view video.

From Parent to Power

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