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Phyllis Austin's
experiences have rewarded her with the knowledge, understanding, and wisdom to aid parents, youth and young adults in their quest to accomplish greatness in their life.

She writes from a Spiritual perspective inspiring her readers to turn within, hear, and listen to Spirit, helping them elevate their household and self to expressing Greatness in their life.

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Permission To Be Great
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RISE! Live in your Greatness!
There is a Supreme of you within, consisting of magnificent creative energy and power. It is yours to access; it is your greatest potential... You have been living this Spiritual power every day of your life; it is your transformative power to use and to elevate you and your household to Greatness. (Incl. Seven Hermetic Universal Laws, Power of Love, Seven Essential Spiritual Principles of Household DNA and more...)
Permission To Be Great - eBook

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Permission To Be Great - Audiobook

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God Has Nor Forgotten You

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Your life is precious; you are
here for a reason,a purpose.
Therefore, in times of discomfort,
know that you have the
Power to create.
God Has Not Forgotten You

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Go and Create your Destiny!
God Has Not Forgotten You -
The Workbook


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From Parent to Power
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Parernts, You are Power behind Your Child's Success.  Parents, there is no need to parent out of fear and frustration. 
For God has not given
us the Spirit of fear, but of Power,
Love and a Sound Mind.
From Parent to Power

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'The Proclamation'
Daily Affirmations for the Student

8" x 14" pdf
The Proclamation contains forty inspiring affimation. Post on your child's wall or
in locker. Great for easy access on your favorite electronic device. Ideal for
framing or lamination.
The Proclamation

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