God has not fogotten You' 

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GOD Has Not Forgotten You


7 Spiritual Based Lessons for Young People 




This book was written to Feed the Spirit of young people (age 14 to 24).  So often we talk about cause and effect. However, the flow really is:


Spirit to Mind-set to Cause to Effect


Don't guess if your child is going to flourish, succeed, reach their full potential.  You can reasonably predict where your child will be tomorrow based on the mind-set of today.  And, what determines the mind-set is the Soul of the Child.  The Soul is the part of the body where the Spirit is.  You must feed that Spirit.


    Ms. Austin States, "Here’s something you need to know.  I decided to write this book as a manual for my children.  It was during my children’s teenage and young adult years, I found myself repeating, reemphasizing and readdressing lessons over and over again.  Asking, “Don’t they get it? Why would they want to learn it the hard way, through personal suffering, the school of hard knocks?”  At that moment, I said, “I am going to just write a book, hand it to them and tell them to refer to the lesson(s).” 


This book Feeds Your Child's Spirit


       I already decided on its title, ‘You Can Control Your Destiny’.  However, near completion of the book, God gave me his title, ‘God Has Not Forgotten You’.   God’s voice was clear; HE said, "From reading this book, they (the readers) will know they possess the power and authority to control their life.  However, based on what some of them have gone through, they may not know that I have not forgotten them.  And, that is what I truly want them to know - I have not forgotten them."
      Spirit wants me to tell you, “Stop looking for something to fill the void.”  When there existed a void in the world, God created the heavens and the earth.  And, He created You.
      God knew you before you were born.  Your life is precious regardless of the appearances of turmoil, abandonment, trials, tribulation, etc.  You are here for a reason, a purpose.
      Therefore, in times of discomfort, know that you were made in the image and likeness of God.  Know that God has blessed you.  Know that you have the Power to create and know that God, our God, your God, has not forgotten you."


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