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 "Thank you God for spirit led instruction."   

As a society, we have chosen to overlook bad parenting and its effects.  We are not here to discuss and debate parenting styles.  However, parenting has a standard.  There are standard elements in parenting that must be adhered to and utilized.

Household DNA
DNA is a term, which represents the fundamentals behind outward noticeable expressions.  Genetic DNA reference information carried on Genes which are expressed in living organisms.  And, just like Genetic DNA, the term Household DNA represents the fundamentals of what is being expressed in and throughout Households.  

Note:  Before your actions, you have thoughts.  Your actions represent movement through your thoughts.  Your thoughts are based on information and your understanding of information.  Actions represent thoughts, which represent information based on knowledge and understanding.

The behavior of persons in a household is indicative of the Household DNA.  If you want to change the child's behavior, you have to change the Household DNA.  We know this.  We have always talked about exposure, extracurricular activities and other programs, interventions and strategies that enhance behavior. 

If you analyze our efforts as a society to change the condition of a child, they tend to be outside influences targeting the child: school, youth programs, public assistance.

Newsflash:  The child goes home to parents/guardians who determine the Household DNA. 

The parents through their words, actions, beliefs and usage of resources decide and control the Household DNA.

Phyllis Austin's Household DNA Parenting Pyramid

The Genesis of the Parenting Pyramid
For years, I spoke about Household DNA and these 7 principles.  However, being back in the classroom at a very challenging school brought on a feeling I never felt before.  I kept asking, "Why am I here; what's the purpose?" 

Well, it came to me about 3 months into my assignment.  I haven't taught 9th graders in over 10 years.  Now, I am in a low socio-economic school with a transient population. And, for the first time I felt 'pity' for a student.

Pity is defined as 'the feeling of sorrow and compassion caused by the suffering and misfortunes of others'.  I never felt that way about a student.

Within 1 hour after that feeling entered my heart, God put this image in me.  This image actually formed like a puzzled in my mind and spirit directed me of the order to give it to you.

One thing for sure, we must change the Household DNA in many families in order for the family and children to reach their Greatest potential and be empowered.  As a society, we are joined together as one.  Therefore, we must have a Universal Greatness in our Parenting.

Divinely given to me; divinely given to you.
                                                                                  -Sincerely, Phyllis Austin

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Spiritual Household DNA 8" x 14" chart
School Household DNA 8" x 14" chart

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