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Parents the Power
A solution to bad parenting, mis-guided parenting and not knowing what to do parenting...
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We want parents to know that they don't have to be confused, unsure or frustrated in parenting their children.  We definitely don't want parents to parent out of fear; a lot of parents are doing this.  We must admit that when we see children commit serious and violent crimes and exhibit those behaviors, something is wrong.  Too often, parents are afraid; they don't know what to do. 

In January 2007, Phyllis Austin founded Parents the Power, LLC., a parent support organization. The objective of the organization is to empower parents by teaching and showing them how to put effective parenting skills in action.
The goal of Parents the Power, LLC., is to create Peace in the home.  Therefore, we want to teach parents how to effectively resolve conflict and create a home environment that allows children to thrive and parents to prosper in their relationships with their children. 

II Timothy 1:7 it states, For GOD has not given us the Spirit of fear; but of Power and of Love, and of a Sound Mind.

Therefore, we have to teach and show parents that they have Spiritual power and love.  T
oo often, parents have difficulties applying their Spiritual knowledge in their lives and to parenting their children.  

Phyllis Austin has two children.

In Challenging Time...Overcoming Fear and Frustration
by Phyllis Austin

Through Challenging Times...Removing Mountains and Challenges
 by Phyllis Austin

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  Phyllis Austin's
Household DNA Parenting Pyramid

The 7 Principles of Parenting

Household DNA   &
Parenting Pyramid

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Book Information

Written  for ages 14 24
but what everyone should know.



God has not forgotten You.
Go and Create your Destiny.

'The Proclamation'

 Daily Affirmations for the Student

Size: 8.5"x 14"  Cream 20lb
Our most popular product.  Forty inspiring affirmations for the student.  Post on your child's wall or in locker. Purchase one for every child, nephew, niece, etc. 
Ideal for framing or lamination.

Daily Affirmations for the Father


Size: 8.5"x5.5"  Card Stock Linen
This Father's Day Card has over 40 affirmations for the Father. Each affirmation provides daily inspiration for the Father. This card is an original.  Envelope included.

Daily Affirmations for the Mother

Size: 8.5"x5.5"  Card Stock High Gloss
This Mother's Day Card has over 40 affirmations for the Mother.  Each affirmation provides daily inspiration for the Mother. This card is an original.  Envelope included.




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