Permission To Be Great

Your Greatest Potential, Your Household DNA, Your 'I AM SPIRIT' 

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There is a Supreme of you within, consisting of Magnificient Creative Energy and Power...
It is yours to access; it is your Greatest potential, it is your transformative power
to use and to elevate you and your Household to Greatness.



April 9, 2017
Your Greatest Potential is thought provoking. I found myself thinking about things that I try very hard not to face. The Greatest Potential hits you in the face which makes it difficult to ignore your own truth.  I have not been in control of my destiny but have allowed life to just happen.  I am ready to live life and stop just existing. Your Greatest Potential has given me hope. Maybe there is still time for me to recognize and activate my gifts. I am looking forward to the next chapter.
---Angela, Stone Mountain, GA


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